2016 Ford GT500 price, specs

2016 Ford GT500 was revealed for the very first time at the 2015 Auto Show held in Detroit and is also known as “Shelby Mustang GT500”. It has recently hit the new for its brand new twin turbo eco boost engine the likes of which have never been featured on any Ford GT500 model released before. This model has been essentially designed as a pony car which made its debut in 1965. One should take note of the fact that this model has pushed all the limits of a major power buster with its new forced induction mechanism based powertrain which coupled with its monstrous design will surely scare away potential competitors.

2016 Ford GT500 front

2016 Ford GT500: Redesign and Features

This new 2016 Ford GT500 development platform is basically inspired by the F-150 architecture module but is considerably light weight compared to its predecessors considering its new aluminum, carbon reinforced plastic and carbon fiber trimmed chassis. The model also features newly installed front & rear end fenders in addition to premium quality wheels etc. Next generation Ford GT500 has an approximate curb weight of 3600lbs which tells us a lot about its stringent weight reduction regime to increase fuel efficiency, reduce overall fuel consumption and overall power output.

2016 Ford GT500: Engine Specs

2016 Ford GT500 has been provided with the following powertrain:

  • The primary engine features an updated super charged 5.2L V-8 unit that is capable of delivering up to 700HP of power.
  • On the other hand the secondary power train features an EcoBoost 5.8L twin turbocharged V8 engine that is capable of producing a total power &torque output of 730HP & 700lb-ft respectively.
  • One should take note that both engines have been conveniently mated to a highly fuel efficient six speed automatic power transmission system that feeds power to its rear wheels. The model thus exhibits a primary rear wheel drive configuration compared to front wheel or all wheel drive of Ford GT350.

2016 Ford GT500 side

Major competitors of 2016 Ford GT500 include top sports midsized car model such as Dodge Challenger, Chevrolet Camaro and Challenger Hellcat. The latter model of the three serves as the arch rival of upcoming Ford GT500, as it has an equally powerful powertrain which can deliver up to a maximum of 750HP.Ford representatives have further claimed that their model will feature more horsepower compared to the Hellcat using its Forced Induction in combination with its SVT straight line platform.

2016 Ford GT500 interior

2016 Ford GT500: Release Date and Copetitors

2016 Ford GT500 has demonstrated its monstrous power on the race track by completing a run of 10.96 miles at a staggering speed of 126 miles per hour. The model’s release date is yet to be revealed however, industry insiders expect it to hit the stores sometime in 2016 for the 2017 model year. Furthermore, it should be noted that the model will be released alongside other Ford Mustang high performance variants such as Ford GT350R, Ford Focus RS, and Ford Mustang SVT Raptor etc.

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