2016 Ford GT350 price, release date, specs

2016 Ford GT350 also known as “Shelby Mustang” is a line-up of high performance cars by Shelby Americain partnership with multinational automobile manufacturing firm – Ford Motor Company. The model was initially introduced back in 1965 and was remarkably one of the lightest & smallest among all Ford GT350 versions. The upcoming model has received a number of updates, the most important being its new engine configuration which has been specially optimized to perform gracefully on a terrains of all types. In addition to the above, every other component in the car has been fully optimized so as to attain a balanced configuration which is the key to a better & smooth driving experience.

2016 Ford GT350 front

2016 Ford GT350: Engine Specs

2016 Ford GT350 currently hit the news for featuring the most powerful engine on all Ford models – which is constituted by a Flat Plane crank 5.2L V-8 cylinder unit that is capable of generating a humongous 500HP power  & 400lb-ft torque output. The engine model derives its inspiration from the “Voodoo engine” by SVT and features a relatively larger displacement compared to the previous stock unit. One should also take note of its extremely efficient manual 6 speed power transmission technology which is further known to route the power generated through an electronically limited slip differential system.

2016 Ford GT350 rear

2016 Ford GT350: Exterior Design

2016 Ford GT350 has been developed using the same platform as that of its previous generation. Major modifications in exterior design include the introduction of completely functional center hood & functional fender vents, cross drilled ceramic carbon brake rotors, standard Super Sport Michelin Pilot 19 inch high performance tires etc. However, drastic modifications have been included in its engine design which features a flat plane 180 degree layout in addition to alternating cylinder banks which further help to reduce the overlapping of pluses due to exhaust pressure. The engine also features a torque curve which is remarkably broad compared to other models.

2016 Ford GT350 is the perfect example of a car where “performance meets dynamics” – the model is characterized by improved dynamics that allow smooth handling of the vehicle. Furthermore its torsoinal stiffness has increased by a whopping 28% while on the other hand it offers a reduced unsprung mass. This further helps to enhance the response of the wheels to the road contours which needs to be quick in order to ensure a bump free ride. Its cross drilled iron brakes are highly efficient in bringing the vehicle to stop in milliseconds.

2016 Ford GT350 interior

2016 Ford GT350: Interior and Price

2016 Ford GT350 interior offer a brand new look all thanks to its newly installed leather trimmed seats, an updated infotainment system along with a shaker audio system &MyFord Touch based 8 inch LCD touch screen display and automatic dual zone climate control mechanism. It also features a complete set of drive assist modules such as traction & stability control, ABS steering, Magne Ride tuning, Throttle mapping etc. Major competitors include Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger SRTand Boss 302 etc. The model is up for a release in 2016 and is estimated to cost around $ 50 000.

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