2016 Ford Galaxy changes

2016 Ford Galaxy has been remodelled and restructured to continue the flow it had started with its first release way back in 1995 when it entered production. Having being tagged as one of the best Multi Purpose Vehicle around by most car enthusiasts, this new model makes all the necessary upgrade required to catch up with fast evolving technologies. This Fourth Generation edition comes a decade after last version was launched, forcing designers to depend on power trains and technological specifications of latest Ford sedans to cut cost. The overhaul amounts to a better and more efficient engine, much better look up front and a more comfortable and equipped interior.

2016 Ford Galaxy front

2016 Ford Galaxy: Engine and Fuel Economy

2016 Ford Galaxy will be available in both diesel and petrol versions. The diesel variant will come with a 2.0 litre bi-turbo TDCi engine that produces power around 207 bhp and torque of 332 lb ft. Customers opting for the petrol variant can pick between either a 1.5 litre EcoBoost engine producing 158 bhp or a 2 litre EcoBoost engine producing 237 bhp. Customers will also get the choice between an all wheel drive and front wheel drive. 6 speed automatic dual clutch transmission will be standard across all models. Fuel consumption will probably be less than 25 mpg with significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Most features that will be available in this new model will be carried on from previous iterations. That includes security measures like airbags, anti theft alarm and remote security controls. Drivers can pre select from three driving modes: Comfort, Sport and Normal. Headlight glare could also possibly be adjusted to suit the outside environment.

2016 Ford Galaxy interior

2016 Ford Galaxy: Exterior and Interior

2016 Ford Galaxy will have an interior that is spacious, comfortable and well equipped with technology and hardware. There are three rows of seating which can accommodate up to seven adults. Third row seats could be folded down at the touch of a button to reveal a huge cargo hold. Instrumentation panel is built to make accessibility easier with a large collection of buttons and switches that can control audio, window screens, cargo door, interior temperature and more. A 10 inch highly customizable touch screen console will offer even more control over the car. It can be used to fine tune the car’s engine performance, select drive mode, change illumination mode of interior lighting and headlights, control temperature using Climate Mode and necessarily control an advanced audio system. It will have connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and radio.

There has been significant change regarding the exterior of 2016 Ford Galaxy. LED headlights have been made thinner shifted to blend with curves that swoops back from the front grille. Air intake has grown larger and holds a predominant look unlike older models. Minor touches have been made to the side and front windshields, door handles and rear cargo door.

2016 Ford Galaxy rear

2016 Ford Galaxy: Price and Release Date

2016 Ford Galaxy will cost above $ 25 000. Opting for better packages could take the price well over $ 35 000.

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