2016 Ford Focus RS USA, news, specs

In case you are the kind of person who follows Ford cars with great consideration, then you will be aware of the fact that Focus RS was one of the most famous models produced by this company that enjoyed strong popularity, but then it was discontinued keeping in consideration the fact that model was very old. However, now company is working upon newer Focus RS that will be better known as 2016 Ford Focus RS and it is going to arrive with a new engine and many modernized and updated highlights and best thing related with it will be that it’s going to be a four door hatchback and expectations are that newer vehicle will hit markets soon. It will not be wrong to highlight that Ford is working on a newer strategy of introducing a newer and unique model that can carry out the actual representation of style and reputation of company among masses.

2016 Ford Focus RS front


We have already mentioned above that 2016 Ford Focus RS will be a four door vehicle and this feature is going to provide posterior access more comfortable and car will appear much more solid and practical. Base version of this car is going to arrive with 18 inches wheels whereas top models will arrive with choice of 19 inch wheels and they ensure better performance.

  • Prominent highlights are being mentioned below
  • Leather upholstery
  • Satellite navigation system
  • Electric anterior and posterior seats
  • More comfortable tools and equipment

2016 Ford Focus RS interior

2016 Ford Focus RS: Engine Specs

The reports, which have been presented till now indicate towards point that newer version is not going to use 5 cylinder inline in fact it is going to use similar engine that has been used inside Mustang. 2016 Ford Focus RS will be equipped with capacity of depicting better economy of fuel and it will produce better power. The data suggests that included engine will have power of producing 330 hp and torque of 310 lb-ft and all this really sounds very convincing. This is good enough to give vehicle power of reaching 60 meters per hour in a time period of less than five seconds and top speed will be 170 meter per hour and this is good enough to provide this vehicle status of being fastest hatchback present in market currently. More engine details of 2016 Ford Focus RS will be revealed in coming time, but indications are that it’s really going to be very strong.

2016 Ford Focus RS rear

The upcoming 2016 Ford Focus RS is going to arrive with improved and much better front wheel drive and similar suspension, which rejects major part of torque steer. This is a feature that is very useful as it provides car the capacity of moving rapidly upon roads that are tighter and at the same time ride is very comfortable. Six speed manual transmission is the one that you are going to get with this quality car and this will not only be precise, but also easy to use. It shows great similarity with ST.

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