2016 Ford Escape redesign, hybrid

The 2016 Ford Escape: helps you escape away from routine drives. The Fords have always been the best manufacturers of cars in all leagues from the very beginning. This has created a large Ford fans across the world. The soon to be launched 2016 Ford Escape will have all the specifications redesigned and with added features as compared to the current cars running on the road. The front fascia will have some modifications and new specifications as well. The cabin in the inside will also be redesigned and have new features as compared to the current model. These changes will definitely give this rider a lot of buyers and yes, satisfied buyers to be specific.

2016 Ford Escape front


The 2016 Ford Escape will use the Ford’s most famous C platform across the globe. This car will have various modifications with respect to its interiors and exteriors. The front grille will be larger than its other current cars. The chrome will be more detailed. The LED headlights as well as the sharp and bright taillights will also have a specific shape to become more specifically visible. The front bumpers will be large and incorporate fog lights. It will also engulf adaptive and creative daylights as well. All these specifications will enhance luxurious look of the car. The other main changes in the interiors of this 2016 Ford Escape will be the new and latest technological features. The car will be spacious enough for 5 passengers as compared to the regular seating arrangements. There will be parking assistant as special standard equipment feature in the rear view mirror. A 3rd row of seats will also be available in the back for extra seating options. The other features will include plethora of security specifications. Airbags in the side as well as in the front, roof racks, xenon lights, hill climb assistant, etc., are some of its special features. The sound system will be technologically impressive with 6 speakers. More features like satellite navigation and radio, double zone climate control, leather upholstery.

2016 Ford Escape interior


Aluminum is used as light weight material to increase fuel economy. Due to this it will have a lowered weight which will again help to have better gas mileage than its earlier models. A 2.5-liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine will generate 168 hp. There will be 6-speed automatic transmission. Such engine will give the driver a great feeling while on road. Generating such a high torque has always been the best feature of the Ford manufacturers.

2016 Ford Escape side

2016 Ford Escape: Release Date and Price

The 2016 Ford Escape will be launched at the main dealerships soon after the official release which is expected at the end of 2015. The Ford has planned the release to be done at a US Auto Show which will be held probably at Detroit. This means the car will be on the roads at the start of 2016. The price level will be the same as of the launch model without any raise. This means that the price of this car will be pocket friendly. And why not, ford has always been the best price tagger for all its models to ensure the buyers are happy. Hence, this is the reason ford has so many fans across the world.

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