2016 Dodge Viper acr, price, specs

Any drivers’ greatest dream would come true with this sports car. Buyers have been awaiting a new model since many days and here there is good news for all. There will come a 2016 Dodge Viper and yes, it is actually a great piece of news for all the seekers of chopped off roof. This model will differ from the normal Viper model with respect to its soft roof top and the metal hatch which is located behind its seats. This new enhancement will be considered as a great feature amongst some buyers while for others it will be useful to show off the stylish look of 2016 Dodge Viper. And definitely, this Viper will give adrenaline rush to all the drivers across the markets. 

2016 Dodge Viper front

2016 Dodge Viper: Redesign and Features

Some will find that the interior of the 2016 Dodge Viper has been adopted from the Coupe, but there are many more changes to it. The first big difference in the interiors will be the addition of a cage as a rollover safety system. This rollover system will automatically pop out as soon as the car rolls over. The car’s chassis is unchanged because the Coupe has the installed Convertible. Hence, you will think that it will gain weight but the roof disappears, it weighs 40 pounds less as compared to the Coupe. And this is the tremendous achievement in this category.

2016 Dodge Viper interior

2016 Dodge Viper: Engine Specs

Now performance wise, this model is amazing and it all depends solely upon the driver. It will sprint up from 0 to 60 miles/ hour in just about 3.4 seconds. And to add to it, the first gear will seriously put you at around 64 MPH. You will be able to achieve 205 miles per hour very easily. And engine wise, the car has 8.4 liter V10. This is considered as the largest engine fitted into a new manufactured model. This model will give 640 HP and 600 lb-ft of torque. Hence, it will be counted as the most powerful aspirated engines in the league of cars. 2016 Dodge Viper engulfs a manually operated 6 speed gearbox. The smoothness of the rear wheel drive will give a smooth drive to the driver. The engine is situated in the front. It is a front-mid engine model. This provides the car to drive extremely fuss free on curvy roads. It consists of independent suspension and Brembo brakes.

2016 Dodge Viper side

2016 Dodge Viper: Release Date and Price

Everybody is generously awaiting the launch of this model in terms of its release date and estimated price across the world in the markets. So if the sources are to be trusted then this model will be launched somewhere in late 2015. But it will be counted as a new 2016 model. Although the price of 2016 Dodge Viper has yet not been estimated, but sources have said that it will be not be more than its competitors. The manufacturers have decided and planned to release this 2016 Viper along with the introduction an another convertible models or even its competitors.

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