2016 Dodge Ram diesel

The 2016 Dodge Ram is a modernized and upcoming vehicle that has been designed to survive the tough competition, which is present inside automobile markets. This class of pickup is known for utility value and prominent functioning capacity so it’s being expected that newer model will maintain the class, quality and standard that is related with this line up of cars. Dodge has been working on this project for some time now and level of expectations is mounting with every other day. Initial reports suggest that 2016 model will get smaller changes externally and a newer drive device will be included in it.

2016 Dodge Ram front


Major part of exterior structure is going to stay unchanged, but posterior side will get some modifications as aim is to highlight the posterior part. Basically this vehicle has been designed to show compatibility with requirements of working class of consumers so it has the capability of dealing with different types of landscapes that is equipped with decent off-road abilities. Interior is coming with a wonderful design and newer program is capable of bringing satisfaction as well as enjoyment for drivers.

If it is mentioned that 2016 Dodge Ram is capable of providing a stronger appeal and outstanding interior equipped with newer and technologically advanced functions, then surely this will not be a wrong statement as this actually is the case. The equipments included inside the newer version and deserve a special mention are being mentioned below

  • Wi-Fi
  • DVD gamer
  • Air revocation

2016 Dodge Ram interior

In addition, to above mentioned features you are going to find all modernized and high grade facilities inside this car. Dodge has given very special consideration to security and because of this reason 2016 Ram is capable of providing improved level of security and safety to its passengers without any doubt or hesitation. So, you are not only going to enjoy a comfortable, but also safe ride.


2016 Dodge Ram will take power from an improved and better performing engine. The reports indicate that engine will be 3.0-liter V6 that will have the potential of delivering 240 hp. The pairing of motor with eight speed automated gearbox has been carried out and delivers power to all four tires in an equal manner. This indicates towards better performance and working potential.

2016 Dodge Ram side

2016 Dodge Ram: Price and Release Date

The company has not provided any defined information in relation to release date and price of the car.

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