2016 Dodge Journey srt, changes

Fans of Dodge always expect big surprises from their favorite automobile maker and the best part is that every new model introduced by Dodge shows compatibility with the expectations of its fans. The introduction of new and improved 2016 Dodge Journey is another great addition to this amazing family of cars. The main focus present behind the presentation of newer version is to allot something better and improved than models of earlier generation with newer specifications and features. The best thing is that Dodge has not shown any kind of hesitation in providing details associated with the upcoming model so purchasers have the opportunity getting a better idea of entire concept.

2016 Dodge Journey front


The earlier model reflected class and style that is associated with Dodge, but new generation will be offering really worthy and capable specifications regarding two specialized engine. Different options of engines that have been presented by Dodge are being mentioned below.

First of all we have the 4, cylinder DOHC that arrives with a capacity of 2.4-liter it has the capability of getting output of 173 horsepower and torque of 166 lb-ft. The other choice of engine is that you can get V6 version of DOHC with capacity of 3.6-liter. This one has the potential of generating 283 horsepower and 260 lb-ft torque. These are the details that have been provided by the maker and these indicated towards the point that 2016 Dodge Journey is going to come with strong engine related choices. In addition 2016 Dodge Journey will reflect four speed automated transmission, but nothing has been confirmed yet in this regard.

2016 Dodge Journey rear


The market, which is being targeted by the makers, is the European market so body of this upcoming vehicle will possess a slight European touch. The improvement in quality of frame work are also present and reports are also suggesting that small scale improvements related with style and dimensions will also be introduced in the upcoming version.

Some really prominent interior modifications are being discussed inside circles and reports suggest that inside passengers will get increased cargo space and cabin will get modification coming with a good number of betterment related with dash.

 2016 Dodge Journey: Price and Release Date

No confirmed information is present in relation to availability of 2016 Dodge Journey, but there are reports that by the end of 2015 the car will be available in market. No official price has been announced yet as well so we will have to wait.

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