2016 Dodge Dakota concept, diesel , price

The birth of first Dodge Dakota was seen in 1986. Its second generation was launched in 1997. Since its birth, Dodge Dakota has become very popular and in 2000, it was awarded with “truck of the year” title. But, due to high competition from Nissan and Toyota, this mid- sized truck could not make up to its sales expectations and went out of production in 2012. The company has been planning to re-launch this model with better functional improvements and has even decided to set its price lower than its predecessors. 2016 Dodge Dakota will be new truck on market.

2016 Dodge Dakota front

The 2016 Dodge Dakota will feature some impressive new changes. The body will get a more modern and aggressive look, while the interior would have more luxury in it. In this fourth generation model, usage of lighter alloys will be implemented. With a strong engine, the cargo space will also be larger than before with more passenger comfort along with it.

According to some reviews, the new 2016 Dodge Dakota will be based on new platform, most probably on platforms like that of Jeep type vehicles. This model is being crafted with much priority towards great comfort, style and more luggage space.


Some sources reveal that, the 2016 Dodge Dakota comes with four doors along with its chassis, and would therefore have four door panels in the cabin. One more distinctive makeover that has been much talked about is its new fenders or bumpers. It is being believed that the bumpers would have no chrome finish, but would be of the same colour as that of body paint. The wheels will contain chromium alloy wheels and alloy trims are to be placed along the lower sides of the cabin door panels.

2016 Dodge Dakota rear

2016 Dodge Dakota would have a streamline body with visible crisp lines on either side of the car’s panels. One new attraction is its Grille which is to be cast out of chromium. Two exhaust pipelines on its rear add to its glory. Both the headlights and taillights would be of modern design.


The interior is believed to be more spacious as well as more comfortable. Seats will have thin skin layer finish. The tool box between the driver and passenger will also have a skin finish with Dodge logo on it and enough space to contain sufficient tools required. The seats further can be adjusted as per the passenger, which is a great alteration in this new model.

2016 Dodge Dakota interior

The driver will be able to avail all the information like temperature, speed, rev, distance covered, etc in a fully digital screen in the driver’s room. Dash board will also be re-designed to match the cars’ sporty look, but along with comfort. It will also consist of defogger side windows.


The 2016 Dodge Dakota would probably have a V6 four cylinder engine which would be able to produce a power of around 400 horsepower, and will deliver an efficiency of 30 miles per gallon (estimated). More engine options may also be available, as the company would try to meet its sales expectations.

2016 Dodge Dakota: Release Date and Price

On a total basis, the new 2016 Dodge Dakota is a much awaited pick-up truck and a lot of eyes are looking forward to its release. It would probably be released by the mid of 2016 and has high expectations from its creators. With new features, the production team is confident that it will surely make a mark on pick-up truck customers all over the world.

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