2016 Dodge Charger hellcat, price, release date

Dodge is one renowned car brand which has given us many amusing creations. Its newest model, the 2016 Dodge Charger adds glitter to the brand name. From its high class looks to amazing technical specifications, this newest models excels in almost every domain of what we call a perfect creation. A lot of innovative technical specification when paired with the traditional looks of the car comes out to be a wonder indeed. Thus, this new Dodge is an amazing creation promising you the best and the royal drive ever.

2016 Dodge Charger front


When talking about the interiors and exteriors, Dodge is never less. Every creation of this brand has given the world market some remarkable models with full-fledged and classy interiors as well exteriors. The exterior of this 2016 model are quite similar to its predecessor, the model of 2015. The exteriors of the car include a perfect length, width, height, wheelbase, ground clearance, front track, rear track, a balanced weight distribution and a drag coefficient very similar to the model of 2015. The makers of this piece have tried to keep it very simple and retro, matching to the modern looks and attractive designs. Thus, the exterior of this car are next to unbeatable. Some minute changes have been introduced on the front side of the car, making it look more aggressive. The trademark of the car, the Narrow Grille has added the letter SRT in this new model to name it 2016 Dodge Charger SRT. The new LED headlights on the front make the visibility all the more clear that helps you to drive the car very efficiently. The interior look includes some fine seats of Nappa leather and Regular leather, furnishing you a comfort like never before. There is also a large touch screen display of 8.4 inches in the 2016 Dodge Charger. Thus, the interior as well as the exterior dimensions and features are truly remarkable.

2016 Dodge Charger interior


The hood, bumpers and the special alloy wheels of this new creation are something to die for, making this car all the more classier than all its preceding models. It comprises of many high technological features. A powerful engine of 6.4 litres Hemi Motor makes the car very powerful to the extent that the engine tends to produce 640 horsepower. There is an eight speed automatic transmission with a double clutch along with a transmit power to all the four wheels of the car. Along with this, a parallel offer to the car is also available comprising of 3.6 liter Pentastar V6 engine which produces more than 300 horsepower. Further, the 2016 Charger embraces some advanced features in its bag that are similar to its previous model.

2016 Dodge Charger side

2016 Dodge Charger: Release Date and Price

It has been speculated that the pricing of 2016 Dodge Charger shall be ranged about more than 50 000 dollars. This classy vehicle is coming on the roads in the middle of year 2015. The 2016 Dodge Charger is one amazing creation and is truly a dream car for millions of you.

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