2016 Dodge Challenger hellcat price

It can be stated with confidence that Dodge Challenger since its introduction has been one of the most successful and cars brought forward by Dodge. Dodge is all set to celebrate its 100th birthday and keeping in consideration demands of this occasion company has made decision of redesigning some of its popular products and in this list 2016 Dodge Challenger has also been included. Dodge commands a lot of respect and value in automobile market and with this new car it aims to announce its supremacy so that competitors can understand that company is alive and producing cars featuring new technology.

2016 Dodge Challenger front

Rumors are indicating towards point that 2016 Dodge Challenger is going to arrive with a newer and stronger engine and Dodge has no plans of changing the façade of upcoming version because purchasers have shown a great liking towards it.


The followers of Dodge Challenger might have noticed that car has changed in a slow manner to SRT from a muscular version and right now it is being maintained that similar technology will be included inside 2016 Dodge Challenger. Interior along with suspension is going to be modified, but exterior will receive minimum modifications. Company wants to attract customers in best possible manner.

The reports indicate towards point that Dodge has plans of introducing 2016 Dodge Challenger in a short body, but it can be a rumor as well. Posterior side appears to bear a stronger resemblance with Dodger Dart. Dashboard related technological aspects it should be highlighted that newer vehicle will come equipped with prominent U connect 2 as well as touch screen that is going to be 8.4 inches and is going to provide complete support to following

  • Forward Sensors
  • Adaptive Cruise
  • Posterior Camera
  • Protection for prediction related with cash
  • Parking assistance technology

2016 Dodge Challenger interior


The reports indicate towards point that 2016 Dodge Challenger will take power from older 6.2 liter V8 that has power of producing 600 hp another option can be taken as Hellcat engine that has potential of delivering 700 hp and this sounds really very convincing. Pairking of engine with 8 speed automated gearbox has been carried out. Platform that is being used is 300 C that has been utilized by Chrysler as well as Dodge. Coming towards details associated with fuel economy no clear information is present in this regard. If we keep in consideration all the above mentioned points, then they highlight that 2016 Dodge Challenger is going to be a stronger car equipped with better performing capacity and potential.

2016 Dodge Challenger rear

2016 Dodge Challenger: Price and Release Date

We can’t provide any clear information related with release of 2016 Dodge Challenger, but it can be estimated that car will hit stores during mid of year 2016. Till then followers of this model will have to wait because car is still under development. As far as price is concerned then expectations are that it is going to be less than 50 000 dollars this sounds convincing keeping in consideration the ongoing trends in mind.

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