2016 Corvette Z07 price, top speed

2016 edition of Chevrolet Corvette is already generating a lot of buzz in the automobile market. The 2016 Corvette Z07 model will be part of their seventh generation. It will come with high performing tyres from Michelin Sports Cup and General Motor’s V8 engine. Z07 is a successor to Chevrolet’s high performance sports vehicle 2016 Corvette Z06. From pictures released by the company it is evident that a lot of changes will be made to exterior design. Even though it lacks the sleek look which is common in major sport vehicles today, Z07 doesn’t score badly in looks department. According to General Motors it would be the ultimate sports vehicle in today’s market.

2016 Corvette Z07 front

2016 Corvette Z07: Redesign Exterior and Interior

2016 Corvette Z07 may not be the car of your choice if you are solely going for stylish design, one can define its exterior design to be unique. But the vehicle’s body will be lighter and more resilient which would improve on-road performance. There would be less use of steel and more use of aluminium especially in the tubes, frame rails, etc. Along with aluminium carbon fibre would also be widely used. Wide wheel base along with strong Michelin tyres would be used along with state of the art carbon ceramic brakes from Brembo. There would be air outlets both near front and rear wheel for brake cooling system. On the rear end there would be four centrally located exhausted pipes. Other designs such as headlights and tail-lamps would be a little retouched.

2016 Corvette Z07 would be highly equipped in the interior. It will come out in a two-seater body with plenty of leg space and headroom. Top class Nappa leather would be used in the seats which would also comprise of internal heating to provide you the ultimate sense of luxury. There would be two LCD display screens. One behind steering wheel would be for driver’s essential information and other one would be on the central console used for housing the Infotainment system. MyLink infotainment system along with surround speaker provides the perfect entertainment. There would be several other devices such as parking assist, rear view camera, etc.

2016 Corvette Z07 interior

2016 Corvette Z07: Engine Specs

In terms of engine and performance 2016 Corvette Z07 is an absolute beast. It would be powered by General Motors V8 engine which generates more than 600 HP of power. The 6.2 litre V8 engine has almost 650 Horsepower and more than 650 lb-ft of torque. Undoubtedly it is one of the most powerful models of General Motors. Extra power would be generated by the twin-turbochargers. It would be mated to a seven-speed Tremec manual transmission system. According to reports there would also be an option for an 8-speed automatic transmission gear box.

2016 Corvette Z07 rear

2016 Corvette Z07: Release Date and Price

Price of 2016 Corvette Z07 has not yet been confirmed but it would be something around $ 100 000. 2016 Corvette Z07 will undoubtedly face some tough competition in the market especially from vehicles such as Ferrari 458, Audi R8, Porsche 911, etc. it would be interesting to see how it matches up with these other automobile giants.

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