2016 Chrysler Imperial price

Canada’s Brampton facility for Chrysler is lining up for the regal release of the 2016 Chrysler Imperial. It is rumoured to be already in production in the Brampton facility and only time will determine the release date. Chrysler has promised to make this latest 2016 Imperial very competitive in the markets and they are gearing up in the highest stroke in order to have a worldwide launch across international automobile markets.

2016 Chrysler Imperial front

2016 Chrysler Imperial: Redesign Exterior and Interior

Designing and engineering on this latest breed of Imperial has taken inspiration from the styles of sedans which were meant for the imperial class. Although it may sound old, it is not so at all. In fact, the imperialistic and regal design of this latest brand new 2016 Chrysler Imperial is so modern and futuristic that you will instantly fall in love with its design. Looking at its beautiful royal structure, it would never be a hard task for anyone, even a novice, who knows very little about cars, to guess that the maximum impact has come from none other than the legendary imperial car, Rolls Royce Phantom. It has been heavily based upon Phantom which makes it look even more relatable.

This 2016 Chrysler Imperial has doors with a suicidal design. Head lights as well as tail lights have been given a touch of re designing. Along with this, the front façade as well as the rear end has received re designing. Exhaust tips have been modified to give a new look which makes a different statement altogether. Lights are now being powered by LED lighting technology which is way better than halogen lamps. Fog lamps have also been provided and are also powered by LED technology, although they come at higher trim levels.

2016 Chrysler Imperial interior

The premium get up continues well inside the cabin of this brand new imperialistic 2016 Chrysler Imperial as well. It is very exquisite and classy to look at and have that feeling. This flawless design has been achieved by the use of high quality material which boasts of premium finish. Seats for instance comes wrapped up in premium quality leather. The dash board also shows off some posh material which feels nice to touch. Passengers will feel comfortable as they will settle down in the comfortable and plush interior of 2016 Imperial.

2016 Chrysler Imperial: Engine Specs

Although it was expected that either one of a 2.4 litre, a 3.2 litre or a 3.6 litre V6 will get its place under the hood, it is now being speculated that this 2016 Chrysler Imperial may be run by a 1.4 litre or a 1.8 litre turbo charged direct injection engine. A diesel power unit, 2.0 litre turbo charged engine is also one among the various options. It is almost certain that this latest Chrysler Imperial will be getting a nine speed ZF automatic gearbox. The fuel economy will be around 38 miles per gallon on an average. Thus, it has got quite some material in order to give a break neck completion.

2016 Chrysler Imperial rear

2016 Chrysler Imperial: Release Date and Price

Nothing so far regarding price and release date of 2016 Chrysler Imperial has been revealed so far. Everyone is thus looking forward to the manufacturers for information.

6 Responses to 2016 Chrysler Imperial price

  1. Gregory Lee Hanssen says:

    Dear Mopar I would like to share with you an idea:

    you know how the alternator is designed, and you know how the electromagnetic motors for radio cuntroled cars are designed: well get this you take both designs and combine then and make them big enough to accomidate a roader, because you will not be using any form of a drive shaft, each wheel will be powered by electricity but at the same time they will genorate electricity while moving, and instead of an accual engin you will have a genorater where the engin would be along with a linthium/ion battery industrial size for the car, and a combination solar/lunar pannels on the roof for additional energy when needed, plus you will have a regular sized gas tank for the genorater which if this idea works you would only have to fill up in a rough estament.every 2-3 months:( the idea is a fuel/energy eficiant car design).

    Thank you

  2. mike murphy says:

    any Imperial must have a V-8, A drop top would be very nice also!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Doc Bowman says:

    I know I want one

  4. My hope practically came true.I was hoping the 2016 Imperial would be based on the current Chrysler 300 body style.The1969-73 generation Imperials are my true favorites with the late 60s-early70s muscle cars.

  5. Kim Patillo says:

    I would like to see this model have very very smooth ride. The cars built back in the 70’s (Chrysler Imperial) had that smooth ride. You could take this model over rail road tracks, uneven pavement and you could not feel it.
    Please bring the smooth and quite ride back!!!

  6. Tyrone Latimer says:

    I seen this design over ten years ago in a car book along with the challenger dodge released the challenger & Chyrlser was suppose to release the Imperial which I still haven’t seen yet .I think Rolls Royce must of given them problems with copying the Phantom design cause I still have yet to see this car release instead they keep redesigning the 300 which eventually ends up as luxury cabs in Philadelphia smh when will the wait be over

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