2016 Chevy El Camino ss, release date, specs

The 2016 Chevy El Camino is ready to make a grand re-entry into the car market once again after it was ceased production in the late 60’s This famous pickup truck will feature a range of new improvements that will make it competitive to go in line with other modern cars. Changes can be seen in the form of visuals starting from the car’s body and extending till under the hood. Chevrolet has finally decided to bank in on the popularity of recent truck models and make another gamble with this new 2016 Chevy El Camino and improved comeback model.

2016 Chevy El Camino side

2016 Chevy El Camino: History and Engine with Fuel Economy

The El Camino has a rich history to back up its cult status in the market. The first model was produced during 1959 to counter its then formidable foe- Ford Ranchero, but it did not receive the kind of welcome that the company had hoped for, thus leading to its early demise within just two years. The first re-entry happened in 1987, and it received more appreciation than what it got before.

There were significant differences between the first and generation engines. Second- generation engine had power output of 120 hp and other improvements to its exterior and interior design.

The concept of 2016 Chevy El Camino came with two engine types, starting with a 6.0 litre V8 engine for its base variant. This engine has the power to produce a maximum of 360 hp while 300 hp would be produced by the 3.2 litre V6 unit. There are yet no stats available regarding its fuel consumption, but we expect the company to reveal them soon.

2016 Chevy El Camino: Redesign Exterior and Interior

The 2016 Chevy El Camino will now come with an additional SS trim level, which is higher up in line than its base variant. It will feature a redesigned front grille, advanced air intakes as well as slight modifications to both front and rear bumpers. This luxury truck will have an aggressive new styling system that is sure to make an impact on modern consumers, especially among the young crowd. Chevrolet has also promised attractive trim levels going by the name of Super Spot, Royal Knight and finally Black Knight. It will ride with style featuring all new alloy wheels that look exceptionally gorgeous when in motion.

2016 Chevy El Camino SS side

Numerous enhancements are also expected to their way inside the 2016 Chevy El Camino. It includes leather seats with heat control, more cabin space for more comfortable head and leg placement and automatic air conditioning system. There will also be a wide array of infotainment and safety features that include a superb audio system, touch- screen centre console, Navigation system, Cruise Control and safety airbags for its passengers.

2016 Chevy El Camino: Release Date and Price

It is still a mystery when the 2016 Chevy El Camino might go on sale, and we believe that it is a clever ploy on the company’s part to increase its hype. We can expect it to hit storeroom shelves any time around 2016 with a price tag of around $ 20 000 for the base variant.

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  1. Frank pipkins jr. says:

    Would like to know about the time frame for the 2016 elcamino release date and cost for the one with the 6.0litr

    • BERT ernies FRIEND says:


      • Lou says:

        This was supposed to debut a few years ago as a Pontiac, it is built by Holden in Australia a subsidiary of GM

    • riley says:

      I drove a 1982 GMC Caballero for 23 years and sold it at a car show in 2005 for over 13,000 dollars. I had paid less than 8000 for it in 1982. I had kept it in showroom condition for the entire time I owned it and still miss it. At the end of the 23 years even though I spent over 10000 on it restoring it after 12 years, my total cost of owning the vehicle not including service was only 65 dollars per month. Total investment in the car over 23 years exceeded 18,000 dollars. sold for 13,500. GREAT investment and I cant wait to buy another one and drive it the rest of my life.

      • Me says:

        Cars are not made the same way they used to be. This car, with my prediction, will not, sadly, last as long as your gmc.

    • Vern says:

      I had a 1977 for 18 years.Cant wait to see this one

    • Ra Richard Herrera says:

      I have been wanting a long time for its come back. I would buy one today

  2. Joe says:

    Bring it on. The market is ready for it!

  3. Mike says:

    I want to hear more about the new El Camino SS as it becomes more of a reality!

  4. john white says:

    I think it’s a great idea.I have always love the El Camino body style and had an 1972 El Camino in the past. I haven’t thought much about buying a new vehicle but if i was truly considering buy a new vehicle and this was available it would be high on my list of cars/trucks to check out and consider buying.

  5. Dallas Russell says:

    My ex-boyfriend has a El Camino and it was admiring and I hope the sales work out because I sure will by the new El Camino SS. the car is amazing and cant wait to get one

  6. Erica Cobb says:

    Please let me know when it is available and the actual cost and where it’s available

  7. Kenny Salter says:

    I have been a small truck fan for years. I’m really excited to hear this great news of a new El Camino. I would be a very likely buyer!

  8. Gerard says:

    If it’s got 4×4 I want one!

    • Deb Scott says:

      Ar least front wheel drive or all wheel drive. I own an 87 El Camino that I do not bring out in the winter (snow and ice conditions)

  9. Guy Chilson says:

    Chevy has awesome products!!!

  10. Maryln bailey says:

    Will this car be made in America?

  11. Pete says:

    I had a 1970 SS Ram AIR -white with the Black racing strip on the hood. Was guaranteed to do 170 MPH out of the box. Mine ran a little faster. Pass everything but a GAS Station. Not much room for secured cargo or making whoopee but the most fun Machine I ever owned

    • Brian says:

      That car you supposedly had couldn’t hit 125 miles per hour. It’s numerically and aerodynamically impossible. Top speed was around 120 or so.

  12. Michael Schaaf says:

    Bought New El Camino back in 1978 loved it, can’t wait for the new 2016

  13. RE says:

    Can’t wait………..really want to hear release dates and pricing! Looks sharp!

  14. Dan Jaram says:

    Hell yes! Bring it. GM missed the boat with the new Colorado/Canyon, by miles. The S-10 was perfect. Hopefully we’ll finally get a chance to buy a new El Camino.

  15. Paul Baker says:

    The El Camino was FIRST re-introduced in 1964 and that VERY POPULAR series ran from 1964-1987, a run of 24 YEARS !!

  16. Dan says:

    Cute a Camaro with it’s own hot tub. Go Chevy

  17. John Moore says:

    Would love to see this in some sort of all wheel drive

  18. Pete Vermeer says:

    Yes, count me in. The bed will have to be practical but I don’t want, need or like large trucks. They have had their day in the sun already, time for a change. Love sitting on the tailgate watching the sun go down.

  19. PATRICK KING says:

    Let’s hope they don’t ruin the concept like they did with the SSR..Keep it at around $20K…V6 would be OK for me….even a 4 Cyl…..similar to HHR, but not as cheesey…

    • Geri Kail says:

      Yes! Give me a fuel efficient version, reasonable priced, with a truck bed big enough for a lawn mower or a piece of furniture. Otherwise the audience will be limited to those who don’t mind an impractical gas hog. The earlier Chevy retro truck proved that audience isn’t very big.

  20. Al says:

    Visited the local dealer and they said there is no such product and couldn’t give me any info. So, is Chevy really behind this or is it a “concept” marketing ploy? El Camino fans need to know!

  21. Jim Lacey says:

    Judging from these photos it looks like a major disappointment. It looks like they took a Camaro and distorted the hell out of the body. I had a 68 that I built from the ground up. The el Camino should have been brought back with retro styling not this design. I’ll make my final judgement when the real thing comes out but this may turn out to be as big of a flop as the short lived SSR and that was actually cool.

  22. Mary Selg says:

    I want the black knight

  23. Jay romero says:

    I would like to see all the options and full pricing especially with the 6.0 engine

  24. Kent Bell says:

    Had a 69 SS. Loved it

  25. Wayne says:

    I think they should keep with the early 70 style these look like a barbie doll,give them the respect they deserve which was being one of the best looking car/trucks of that era.

  26. Mike Jackman says:

    I had a 1972 Elcamino. It was my first car. I was 16. loved it. I have been hoping they would bring it back. Way to go Chevy!!!!

  27. Marvin Vickery says:

    previously owned 1981 and 1986. Very satisfied with them. Ready for the new.

  28. KEVLAR says:

    My Pop handed down his keys to my 1977 when I turned 16 & that was back in 1990 & that was nice. Im restoring a 1970 niw to hopefully give back to my pop but this would REALLY light em up.

  29. Benita Beauman says:

    I want one!! Is is pricey? I’ll take it in AWD Red! I thought they were the coolest cars in my day.

  30. Frank Lovero says:

    How much????

  31. Mike Gibbens says:

    Gidy-up 409

  32. Thomas Williams says:

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this….just do it!

  33. milt says:

    Milt & Jean can not wait for this new el camino to come out…built a ’57 el camino out of a station wagon and it was a show stopper.

  34. Shane says:

    It looks sweet! I recently traveled to Australia and there they have another version of this GM product that they are very proud to have and own…. C’mon, GM…lets bring this El Camino alive for all to enjoy in the US where it belongs!

  35. Norm Lawson says:

    I would really like to see more info on this, hope it’s not just hype!

  36. this will never happen. market share is too small…

  37. Scott says:

    Would like to see a new model come out. I’ve owned a 74 (my 1st car), 2-66’s, and a 59.

  38. CHRIS GARIG says:

    I would pre order right now if availlable

  39. lllSTRIPESlll says:

    f they are priced in the low 20’s I would buy one right now.

  40. Diana Soliz says:

    I learned how to drive standard on the column in an el Camino when I was 16 in 1976 way to Chevy!!!!!!! This looks AWESOME!!!!!!!

  41. Buzz says:

    I just sold my True 1971 El Camino SS 454/505 hp about 6 weeks ago. It was a #1 show truck. I look forward to seeing a new version. I really like the SS models. Hope they build and release them soon.

  42. I just bought a1965 Elcamino like I had in 1966. Would be very interested in a 2016 Elco but want a Zo6 package

  43. I had a 1969 SS 4 speed 4.11 posi.
    Dropped it 2 inches front and back.
    Handled a lot better after I dropped it!

  44. Jay Didit says:

    Yes. I’m waiting to know the price. I’m a ford man but I’m gonna get 1 of these. Keep me posted please.

  45. Odie says:

    Owned a black 78 SS with 4 speed on the floor. Loved the vehicle, passed it on to two of my children. We are all El Camino fanatics. Can’t wait!

  46. Edward says:

    This is the ugliest car i have ever seen. You have ruined the image of an el Camino in whole. I am truly disappointed.

    • Nathan says:

      I am there with u Chevy has messed up all the cars the chevelle nova camaro they don’t look like any of there counter parts!!

  47. Jon says:

    GM’s made a great-looking El Camino-like vehicle for their Australian market for some years, as I recall. Why not just Americanize it for us? Their homework’s already half done…

  48. Ray says:

    I own a 66 and cant wait to see and drive one of these

  49. Rich says:

    I want to be the first guy on the block to own one. I hope it comes out SOON.

    • Robert Q. Sullivan says:

      I have a 1982 in great condition , needs a little work paint mainly, would love to see a new one come out on the market,

  50. Eddie Boone says:

    Why does GM not let out some solid info on this truck. Are they going to make it, when will it be out. I’m ready to buy a new truck, but there is not a truck out there that catches my eye. If they are not going to make it, say so. If they are going to make it, then when? If nothing else, bring the S10 Xtreem back, my black 2001 Xtreem step side has almost 250,000 miles on it, I’m ready for a new one and don’t see anything I like from any MFG in a truck this size. If I need to pull, I have a big F350 4X4, 4 door. I want a sharp “play” truck. Now GM, tell me something, I don’t like to wait. If you going to mess around and keep people hanging, knock it off and let us know!

  51. Dallas Russell says:

    i want one so bad cant wait til after i go to college to get it ill be driving in style!!!

  52. Stephen says:

    Would love to see an AWD model!!

  53. Fred Ortiz says:

    Chevy if you are making a list of buyers, put me on the top. I will Demo one for you. I’am all in on this ElCamino.

  54. Frank B says:

    I own a 86 that is almost in mint condition. I am stopped at least once a week and asked about the car and how much it is worth. I have always said, if Chevy comes out with a retro, I will want one. Will there be a pre-order as Ford did with the T-Bird?
    Please keep us posted on the release date and availability…..

  55. Nathan says:

    This crazy it looks nothing like the older model it is to rounded for me I wouldn’t buy the garbage it is just ugly!!!

  56. Tony says:

    I have an 86 fully optioned and completely stock with 50k miles. Spare and jack never used. Still blue whitewall coating on spare. Perfect daily driver these are so reliable and I get 24mpg.

  57. Fang says:

    The El Camino is my favorite vehicle the 2016 looks amazing but looking for an 80’s model

  58. Jay Peterman says:

    Bought an ’82 for my daughter to go to college with the promise she give it back to me when she graduated. Loved that car & the classic style. Had over 100,000 miles on it when I sold it. Great car. Now retired, I was looking for an 87 SS until I heard GM may be coming out with a new model. Think I’ll wait & see if it comes out. Will buy one in a New York minute!

  59. G. D. Miller says:

    We ordered a GMC Caballero in the spring of 1984 and owned it until the fall of 1983. It was a daily driver until the fall of 1990. When we sold it had 56,000 miles on it.
    Yes, the 305 V8 was weak with only 150 HP but it rode smoothly down the road. We enjoyed it immensely.

  60. G. D. Miller says:

    I forgot to mention in my comment, that our 1984 was one of the last models built in the United States. If I recall correctly, all of the equipment was moved to Mexico for the last two model years when production stopped at the end of the 1986 model year.

  61. zane Honeycuttt says:

    Why did you have to change the body style. In my opinion all the new “muscle cars” are just ugly and a disapointment. They look nothing like the original the closest out there is the challengers.

  62. Ron Young says:

    I have a 1983 in original condition. We are lonely and ready for a 2016 SS with a V-6 if available. Ready to order.

  63. Scotty says:

    I had a 1985 while I was in the military and got wrecked by a nice of mine. Broke my heart to watch it get put on the tow truck. I’d love to know the mileage you can possibly get with the 3.5. Awesome that their bringing her back out for the new age.

  64. Juan says:

    I have a 1965 el camino, a 1980 el camino which I have owned since 1997. Cant wait to be the owner of a 2016 Elco……… Chevy hurry up

  65. Ricky Miller says:

    I bought a 1978 first year of the last generation body new and still have it. It has the L 350 4 barrel with a 350 turbo transmission with a half vinyl top. Still hasn’t hit 100,000 miles. From what I see I would buy the 2016 with the 8 cylinder

  66. Lance says:

    I drove an El Camino When I was 16yrs old – my dad let me drive it as a starter first vehicle. I have always thought of how much I had felt so cool. I can’t wait for these to come out – El Camino SS all the way.

  67. I love ElcaminosI have owned 9 Last generation elcamiños to restore ,I never made a profit ! They are money pits ,I would love to buy a new one to keep for my self ! IF not over Priced !

  68. Charles Hardin says:

    I have owned 4 El Camino’s. I have a 1981 now and its like new and if the price is right I would buy a new one today I’m 73 years old and have own one most of my adult life.

  69. scott says:

    Please Please GM We want a new El Camino.Bought a new one in 1982
    wished I still had it.

  70. Rich Miller says:

    I have an 87 El Camino, I would love to have a new one to go with it.

  71. Danny C. says:

    This would look nice sitting next to my 100% original 1987 El Camino Caballero, that only has 21,500 original miles.

  72. Danny C. says:

    This would look nice sitting next to my 100% original 1987 El Camino Conquista that only has 21,500 original miles.

  73. FRAN says:


  74. Sergio Torres says:

    I am very interested in knowing when, how much and were will they be sold for the 4 door model beautiful truck

  75. Weary Eagle says:

    Owned a ’73 and a ’77. Loved them. Have had an SSR now for 10 years . . . time to trade ?

  76. Steve Callihan says:

    Can’t wait to see new Chevy El Camino!!! with a “T” top of cource!!

  77. mik says:

    El Camaro…..I currently keep my ’65 resto-mod ELK in garage and drive it sparingly…

  78. darren rogers says:

    I bought a 85 elcamino new in 85 and will trade in or sell only when the new ones come out. my elcamino has always ran great its never been in the rain.

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