2016 Chevy Avalanche price

Even though General Motors was forced to stop the production of their Avalanche truck due to low demand and poor sales figures, they are taking another shot in regaining back their lost pride with the upcoming 2016 Chevy Avalanche. This vehicle utility truck will boast of significant upgrades over its predecessor and prioritize comfort, above all. The company is putting a lot of effort into turning this pickup truck a marvel of modern engineering that would excel at whatever you throw at it. To compete with the recent auto market, Chevrolet has incorporated the following changes.

2016 Chevy Avalanche front

2016 Chevy Avalanche: Engine Specs

The powertrain segment of the upcoming 2016 Chevy Avalanche is one aspect that has really grabbed our attention. Word is that this car will be powered by the same Vortec engine that was found in its previous version. It would be a 5.3 litre V8 engine will be able to deliver up to 355 hp, which is higher than the previous model that could deliver 320 hp. Higher trim variant of this car might be fitted with a Vortec MAX engine. This engine will deliver a maximum of 366 hp along with 376 lb-ft of torque. These engines will most likely be paired with a 6-speed Hydra-Matic transmission and will come on two-wheel and all-wheel drive.

2016 Chevy Avalanche rear

2016 Chevy Avalanche: Redesign and Features

There are numerous theories available that indicates the changes that can be expected to take place. This six passenger full-size truck will share its platform with Cadillac EscaladeEXT and Chevy Suburban. It would boast a bolder and more aggressive design characterized by a new grille, refined front bumper and sleeker air intakes. Its aggressive stance is further accentuated by the larger sized wheels and heightened front suspensions that allow superior grip on roads of all types.

For a 2016 Chevy Avalanche that is based on comfort and utility features, we can naturally expect to see nothing but the best inside. It will be crammed with the latest safety and infotainment features that include Navigation, Touchscreen console, decent audio system to name a few. It is expected that its seats will be covered with premium quality leather that would add a touch of class to this model.

2016 Chevy Avalanche interior

Additionally, unlike any other pickup truck, the trunk bed of the 2016 Chevy Avalanche opens to the rear folding panel. It has a batch of 3 detachable panels that develop waterproofing pay beds. There is additional storage space behind each well of its tyres, which is accessible via securing Flip top panel. These features might look irrelevant in the spec list, but once it comes to use, you would be glad that the car comes with these features.

2016 Chevy Avalanche: Release Date and Price

Release date has not yet been revealed by the company, but according to numerous trusted sources, it might turn up for sale sometime during the late months of 2016. We, for once, are happy that GM is taking their time to polish this vehicle and make it as perfect as possible. Price of 2016 Chevy Avalanche will be slightly higher than its previous model. Its main competitors are RAM 1500, Honda Ridgeline and Nissan Titan.

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