2016 BMW X1 changes, price, release date

The German automobile maker, BMW has got cars in almost all segments and design. It challenges its rivals at all fronts and yet comes out as a winner more often than not. In the crossover segment, 2016 BMW X1 is giving competition to its rivals. It was unveiled in 2008 at Paris Motor Show in 2008.

2016 BMW X1 front

Impressive background:

It has been manufactured since 2009 in various countries such as Germany, China, India, Mexico, Russia and Thailand. It is manufactured on an earlier platform developed during BMW 3 Series. It has been a huge success on the basis of its sales. As recorded till 2013, 500 thousand units have been sold.

Petrol models:

Both petrol and diesel models are on sale of 2016 BMW X1. Petrol ones have an engine with 2.0 litre 4 cylinder inline to each other. You can also opt for a turbocharged 6 cylinder inline engine running on petrol.

2016 BMW X1 rear

Diesel models:

And for diesel models, they have a 2.0 litre engine which can produce either 141 bhp or 161 bhp depending on cylinder units. For transmission of power to wheels, a six speed gear box is provided with manual transmission. The sDrive 20d model is also good in fuel economy. It gives a combined economy of 58 miles per gallon.

Exteriors and Interiors:

Exteriors of 2016 BMW X1 are a bit different from other BMW models. It is also smaller and lighter. According to power it generates, it is about 15 kg lighter than other BMW cars. It has been measured that around 420 litres of space for cargo is present normally. But if you want to increase, you can go up to 1350 litres by folding seats. From a driver’s point of view, seats are very good as far as visibility and ease is concerned.

2016 BMW X1 interior

2016 BMW X1: Lesser running costs

2016 BMW X1 car is meant for people who are more interested in lower price than some high end features. The price of this car is around 25000 pounds in UK.There are some features which help in conserving energy and thus minimize running costs.

Brake energy regeneration, an electric power steering, air conditioner which can disengage its compressor and special tyres which have lesser resistance are some of its important features who help in maintaining a good economy. Its low emission feature is also very appreciable as 2016 BMW X1 can generate emission as low as 115g co2 per hour.

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