2016 BMW 7- Series release date

The 2016 BMW 7-Series is still in early stages of development and from the available information we can say that BMW is working on this project with a lot of care as they want to bring something exciting and entertaining which should also possess high functioning capacity. From the information, which has been presented it can be said that newer version is going to be sportier and its look will show improved aggression in comparison to present version. We can say with confidence that it was the 7-series which brought BMW in direct opposition to Mercedes-Benz and currently it is combating with Jaguar CJ and Audi A8. Before going towards the detail of upcoming model it can be said that 2016 BMW 7-Series is one of the most awaited models in markets of United States and Asia.

2016 BMW 7- Series front


It is being said that upcoming model will actually be the first to come with a completely newer architecturedesign that will reinforce everything from two series to X6. Design will be more aggressive and also it will reflect a sporty appearance. The weight of newer version will be 500 pounds and this is lesser than weight of present model. Architecture will reflect great flexibility and for BMW it will get easier to keep on with longer wheelbase. It is being speculated that discontinuation of 4, wheel steering will be carried out.

2016 BMW 7- Series rear


Reports point towards the aspect that 2016 BMW 7-Series is going to be equipped with wider range of engines and each one of them will be installed keeping in consideration demand of specified market.  Turbocharged 4, cylinder engine is a strong possibility, but no confirmation has been presented yet. You should not assume that V8 or V12 is going to disappear soon in the coming future. In addition to all this, hybrid variation has been given a green signal and news suggests that many levels of hybridization will be offered.

2016 BMW 7- Series interior

Buyers are going to enjoy having choice of possessing power delivered to posterior wheels. In addition, to this gear will be added to mid cycle of car.

2016 BMW 7 -Series: Price and Release Date

2016 BMW 7-Series will appear in market in the coming 2016 these are speculations, but no confirmation related with price has been presented by the relevant authorities. Following are tough rivals of BMW 7-Series: Audi A8, Lexus LS, Jaguar XJ, Volkswagen Peaeton, Mercedes-Benz S- Class.

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  1. Ankush Patil says:

    The sixth generation BMW seven series …..this car is most awaited In India. ..and I want to be the first one to buy it.. .let my dream come true . I love you BMW seven series ..

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