2016 Audi Q3 usa, tdi, review

2016 Audi Q3 is believed to be one of the most promising cars that Audi will ever produce. It’s a newly compact SUV, which has been out in Europe for several years. The market response of the car in Europe has been quite astonishing and as result Audi has decided to launch 2016 Audi Q3 all over the world with upgrades and additional features. The major changes that have been made to the car are an improved 2.0 liter turbocharged engine, a better horsepower and a 7 speed S tronic gearbox and many more.

2016 Audi Q3 front

2016 Audi Q3: Redesign Exterior and Interior

2016 Audi Q3 has a new single frame grille, which gives a visual change to the front end of the car. New bumpers have also been added to the car giving it a gentleman look. They have introduced new luggage compartment cover. The headlight and taillights are also given a fresh look. Wheel size for this car ranges from 16 to 20 inches.

Standard halogen headlights have been replaced by the Xenon HIDs and the full LED units. Headlights of 2016 Audi Q3 have been made much sleeker. These lights add special attraction to this car. The rear taillights have been integrated dynamic turn signals. Another innovation this car has got is the series of LED shows the direction in which the car turns. This innovative lighting gives this car a stunning look.

2016 Audi Q3 interior

2016 Audi Q3: Engine and Fuel Economy

2016 Audi Q3 is available in Europe with a number of Powertrain choices. One is a 1.4 TFSI engine that develops 150 horsepower, and another was 2.0 TFSI engines which develop 200 horsepower. But the one that is being launched has a 2.0L turbocharged engine. All wheel drive enhances fuel efficiency and gives a better driving experience. It provides enough leg space for front and rear passengers.

Due to 2.0 L TFSI engine the fuel does not burn too much which increases fuel efficiency. Fuel saver gets activated when this car speed ranges between 40 kmph to 80 kmph. 7 speed S Tronic gearboxes allow quick shifting of gear and avoid bulk fuel that is used up while shifting through gears.

2016 Audi Q3 rear

Automatic transmission is not available in this car. Manual transmission has seven gear shifts. New oil has been introduced in the gear system to provide uplifting without any resistance. Thus, customers have been provided with two different versions, and they can choose a suitable one for themselves. After several road tests, the car has proved to have one the best transmission system.

2016 Audi Q3: Release Date, Price, Competitors

For this type of performance and the features that it provides, it has a quite handy pricing. This car has a base price around $ 200 000, but it may vary according to the additional features one selects and accessories that one might choose. As a whole, the customer gets what he is paying for. This car release promises to be a great addition to the world’s car market. 2016 Audi Q3 may turn tables for Audi, which has after a long time decided to pull something new into the market. It faces a tough competition with BMW X1, the Lexus NX, the Mini Countryman and the Mercedes-Benz GLA class.

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