2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe: Best SUV by around

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe is a concept diesel hybrid electric mid-sized SUV which intends to sit at the top of Volkswagen SUV range, above Volkswagen Touareg. Its concept version has six seats; however the production version has a traditional seven seat layout. It has replaced Volkswagen Routan minivan whose sale was quite slow.

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe front

At the 2013 Auto Shanghai, Volkswagen revealed a different and sportier version of this car known as Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe. 2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe retains the same style as its Cross Blue version, with a bit more preference given to a more refined designing as compared to the convenience of the vehicle. It is primarily intended for customers in markets of China and United States.

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe: Engine

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe will have an innovative plug in hybrid system. It will be powered by a 3.0 liter V6 turbo charged gasoline engine capable of producing 415 hp and a torque of 702 Nm. They will come with direct fuel injection (TSI). Its motor will be combined with two electric motors. It can travel 21 miles only in electric mode. It will be a standard four wheel drive with an optional all-wheel drive as well. It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 5.9 seconds. Its top speed is limited to 236 km/hr.

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe rear


2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe is going to be built on Volkswagen MQB platform which  under pins Audi A3, Golf Mk VII and a large number of further current and upcoming models. It measures 4887 mm in length, 2014 mm in width and 1674 mm in height. It will come with a wheel base of 2979 mm. Its hood is noticeably long and wide. It headlights consists of front LED lamps. Its interior is made of high quality materials, surfaces are covered with leather, seats with elegant nappa leather. A 10.1 inch touchscreen is mounted on the central console which allows you to control all functions. It is also equipped with advanced navigation system.


Volkswagen has thought of everything just in case you come across the unthinkable. Volkswagen has provided advanced airbag system in 2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupeso as to ensure that you have a safe journey.

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe interior

2015 Volkswagen Cross Blue Coupe: Price and Release Date

2015 Volkswagen Cross BlueCoupe’s official price is still unknown though it is expected to appear on the market in 2015.

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