2015 Toyota Hilux: Durable, Powerful and Comfortable

The name Hilux has become synonymous with pick up trucks in many parts of the world. It is due to the extreme popularity of Toyota Hilux trucks. Toyota Motor Corporation has been producing Hillux trucks since 1968. But since then a series of changes has been made in the design of original version. Currently, the 2015 Toyota Hilux is one of the best vehicles in business providing best quality, comfort and durability all at the same time. The truck is available in various versions such as DLX, DLX+, SR and SR+. SR+ vehicles are the best of the lot with most high end features.

2015 Toyota Hilux front

Powerful engine performance:

For a vehicle to be as powerful and durable as 2015 Toyota Hilux, it must have a powerful engine inside its hood. It is available in 2.5 or 3 litre engines with four cylinder units that are capable of producing a power of 101 horse power at 3600 rpm. It can also develop a torque up to 260n-m, while running at a speed of 1600 to 2400 rpm. 2015 Toyota Hilux has been provided with a five speed manual or four or five speed automatic transmission system. The specifications of these engines differ in some amount when compared to cars launched in different countries. The grille at its front has been modified and various chrome parts have been added. It makes this vehicle more attractive and gives it a tough look.

2015 Toyota Hilux rear

Tough exteriors:

This vehicle has got really impressive and tough exteriors. It is around 185 inches long and 65 inches wide. The diameter of its wheel base is around 112 inches. These specifications for a regular sized Hilux. For an extended Hilux, these dimensions increase by small amount.

Just like its previous generation models, 2015 Toyota Hilux has also got great interiors. Interiors are made all black by painting control panel black and having black leather over its seats. All other features are standard Toyota’s signatures.

2015 Toyota Hilux interior

2015 Toyota Hilux: Dates of launch and prices

2015 Toyota Hiluxis being eagerly awaited by automobile lovers. But its official launch date has not been announced yet. But it is expected to reach market only after mid of 2015. Also the price expected for 2015 Toyota Hilux is around $110000. But it should be noted that, all above mentioned dates and figures are just speculative. There has been no official announcement from the company regarding its launch date and price.

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