2015 Kia Rio is a budget and feature rich small car

2015 Kia Rio is a dream car for people who want all the latest features at a pocket friendly price tag.  It comes in the fiercely competitive small car segment and is one of the major vehicles in this segment because of its brand name, extended features and low price. One more component to look into would be its terrific fuel economy at this price. It will be available in both Hatchback and Sedan versions.

2015 Kia Rio front


Given the price range you may not be expecting too much from the interiors but 2015 Kia Rio may surprise you on this front. It is available in three trims, viz., LX, SX and EX. All the trims have some special internal features such as LX has air-conditioning system, Four-speaker audio system, USB port, satellite radio, power lock, cruise control, automatic keyless entry and folding seats.

EX is having Bluetooth hands free system and touch screen display. The SX trim comes along with on-board navigation system, rear-view camera, paddle shifter and seat heaters. The airbags also improve the safety with their presence both on front and side.

2015 Kia Rio interior


2015 Kia Rio is a fourth generation car available in both five door hatchback and four door sedan versions. It has a very good build and this fact is well supported with a four star rating from NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Administration). It uses LED lighting technology for headlights and tail lamps. Ventilated disc brakes are used to reduce the stopping range of car after brakes are applied. EX and LX trims have 15’’ alloy wheels whereas the SX trim comes with a 17’’ alloy wheel option.


2015 Kia Rio is powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder in-line engine with a capability of producing 138 horse power and generating a maximum torque value of 123 lb-ft.

Fuel Economy:

A good fuel economy at very low cost is one of the USP’s of the car. It offers an EPA value of 27 mpg on city roads and 37 mpg on highways. 2015 Kia Rio also has an unique ECO package which automatically turns off the car engine when the brakes are applied in order to save fuel.

2015 Kia Rio rear


2015 Kia Rio has six-speed manual transmission system in LX trim with an option for automatic transmission. While the EX and SX trims come with the standard six sped automatic gearbox transmission system.

2015 Kia Rio: Price & Release Date

2015 Kia Rio will be released by the end of this year and will lie in the price range of 14,000 USD to 19,000 USD depending upon trim and optional packages.

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