2015 Kia Quoris

In an attempt to shun its image of cheap and economical car maker, Kia has gone out of its way to manufacture the top of line luxury car which will be released with the name of 2015 Kia Quoris. As high as it is in its class and innovative design so it is in the price tag too. But, since it is just a small step into an all new segment from Kia, it remains to be seen whether it is able to live up to its own brand image and handle the fierce competition from Mercedes, Ford and BMW.

2015 Kia Quoris front


2015 Kia Quoris has a luxurious interior design which reflects from the use of high quality materials like premium durable leather for seats, latest infotainment systems, improved control systems and sophisticated clusters. The central instrument console has a 12.3’’ display with touch-screen interface and a 9.2’’ display on the back of front seat for the second row passengers for their entertainment purpose. A seventeen-speaker sound system from Harman will blow your mind with its awesome sound quality.

2015 Kia Quoris interior


Kia had to re-think and come out with a new and innovative design for 2015 Kia Quoris as it will be competing against some of the famous brands who have been known for their path-breaking designs. It looks exciting and sophisticated at the same time which is a big plus point for it. Build heavily on inputs from German designers it woks on a real drive platform. LED lighting technology is used for head and tail-lights along with some safety mechanisms like the lane departure system, adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection.


2015 Kia Quoris will be powered by the same engine as on Hyundai Equus, i.e., by a 5-liter V8 engine with a capability of displacing 429 BHP. Some car enthusiasts feel that it would have been better to use 3.6-liter V6 engine displacing 285 BHP as it is more proven for luxury cars and would properly complement the body weight of this car.

Fuel Economy:

It is expected to give modest fuel economy as it comes from the house of Kia which has always paid great importance to this point.

2015 Kia Quoris rear


2015 Kia Quoris has its engine paired with eight speed automatic gearbox transmission system and would be using the rear wheel drive mechanism.

2015 Kia Quoris: Price & Release Date

2015 Kia Quoris will have a whopping price of 70,000 USD which may seem something unusual from the Kia brand. It will release into the market in February 2015.

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