2015 Ford Fiesta RS/ST

2015 Ford Fiesta RS/ST has been revamped this year and looks very different from its previous 2013 model. All the changes have been concentrated on making the car sportier and powerful at the same time making way for a much better engine. Hence, this may restrict its onlookers only to sports car fanatics but it is good since this market is growing rapidly.

2015 Ford Fiesta RS ST front


2015 Ford Fiesta RS/ST comes with starkly different interiors with a new sporty touch. It is well decked and has bold interior panels making them easy to operate. Recaro seats are well designed and envelope you properly to saves you from shocks at high speeds. Chrome pedals and the in line shift levers add that extra touch of class to the interiors.

2015 Ford Fiesta RS/ST has modern body lines with an overall aggressive look which sets it apart from the other sedans, crossovers and hatchbacks. Some visible changes include two-pipe chrome exhaust, bigger air vents, a rear spoiler, sporty arches on wheels and redesigned side panels. A symbol ‘RS’ is perfectly plated on the body which makes it easier to spot even from a distance.

2015 Ford Fiesta RS ST interior

Major share of work has also gone into brakes and suspension which becomes mandatory with increased power and speeds. Brakes work way better than the previous models and have been perfected to suit the car.


2015 Ford Fiesta RS/ST has two engine options one for the RS model and other for ST model. RS is powered by a 1.6-litre turbo-charged engine producing 230 horsepower and the ST model is powered by a 1.6-litre Eco Boost engine with a capability of rendering maximum power of 197 BHP.

2015 Ford Fiesta RS/ST has both models with nearly comparable fuel economy which stands at an EPA rating of 33.6 MPG on an average. Given that these are new generation sports cars the above value will be acceptable by anyone any day. The powerful new engines of 2015 Ford Fiesta RS/ST are coupled with enhanced transmission which in this case is the six-speed manual gearbox transmission.

2015 Ford Fiesta RS ST side

2015 Ford Fiesta RS/ST: Price & Release Date

2015 Ford Fiesta RS/ST will be priced at $37,750, even though it is a bit on the expensive side from the house of Ford, but the major changes have a lot of promise and may well be just worth the price. It is expected to go on sale by end of this year.

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